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The Best Solid Acrylic Blocks for Beginners: Top Picks & Deals

Posted by on 1/2/2024


Are you seeking a striking and elegant way to showcase your products? Solid acrylic blocks might just be the game-changer you need. Sleek, versatile, and effective, these display items are the unsung heroes of retail aesthetics, ensuring your items command the attention they deserve while adding a touch of sophistication.

Solid acrylic blocks serve a multitude of purposes in various settings, from retail merchandise displays to art exhibits, and even in office environments. Their crystal-clear nature and durable structure make them ideal for any product presentation, pressed for delivering an upscale impression.

At Custom Creative Plastics, we understand the importance of making a lasting impression. That's why our premium range of solid acrylic blocks transforms your visually pleasing products into conversation starters. The versatility these unassuming blocks offer is truly remarkable – a simple, yet sophisticated tool that can breathe new life into your displays.

To Get You Started:

  • Solid acrylic blocks are perfect for displaying small products, creating height on shelves, or as decorative pieces in your home or office.
  • These blocks can come in a variety of sizes and shapes, depending on your needs.
  • They are highly durable and give a clean, modern look to any display.
  • At Custom Creative Plastics, we offer a vast selection of sizes and groupings, suitable for various applications.
  • Solid acrylic blocks are an affordable and versatile option for all your display needs.

Types of Solid Acrylic Blocks - solid acrylic blocks infographic pillar-3-steps

Understanding Solid Acrylic Blocks

What are solid acrylic blocks?

At the most basic, solid acrylic blocks are compact, transparent pieces made of a material known as acrylic, also referred to as plexiglass, Perspex, or Lucite. These blocks are highly sought-after for their high transparency rate of 93% and their ability to enhance the appearance and visibility of the objects displayed on them.

They are commonly used as risers in retail stores, museums, and art galleries, creating an elegant presence and offering better viewing angles. Moreover, these blocks don't discolor over time, making them an ideal method for displaying fine jewelry and other exquisite items. They can also be used creatively for purposes such as stamping, further showcasing their versatility.

How are they made?

Each solid acrylic block is precision cut from the acrylic material. After the cutting process, every block undergoes a diamond polishing process, giving it a smooth, glass-like finish. This attention to detail ensures that each block we manufacture at Custom Creative Plastics is absolutely clear and perfectly shaped.

Different Types of Solid Acrylic Blocks

Depending on your needs, you can choose from a variety of solid acrylic blocks. The most common type is the clear acrylic block, which is transparent and allows the viewer to see through it. This type of block is ideal for displaying products as it highlights the materials around it.

Another type is the frosted acrylic block, which has a slightly blurred, frost-like appearance. This type of block is great for creating an aesthetic appeal in your displays.

We also provide a range of colored acrylic blocks, such as solid black acrylic blocks and solid white acrylic blocks, offering a stylish and contemporary look for your displays.

At Custom Creative Plastics, we offer a wide selection of solid acrylic blocks, ranging from 1" thick small acrylic blocks up to 4" thick large acrylic blocks. If you need a customized block, get in touch with us. With our dedication to superior excellence and customer contentment, we are your go-to manufacturer for solid acrylic blocks.

Solid Acrylic Blocks - solid acrylic blocks

Why Choose Solid Acrylic Blocks?

Whether you are a retailer, a gallery curator, or a museum exhibitor, there is one thing you surely know: a beautiful product deserves an equally beautiful display. That's where solid acrylic blocks come into play. But what exactly makes them the perfect choice for displaying your exquisite fineries?

Benefits of Using Solid Acrylic Blocks

Solid acrylic blocks provide a multitude of benefits that make them a top choice for display purposes.

High transparency: With a transparency rate of 93%, acrylic blocks, also known as Plexiglass or Perspex, allow the materials around them to be clearly seen and even highlighted. This transparency allows your products to be the star of the show.

Durability: Acrylic blocks are incredibly durable and resistant to discoloration, unlike their plastic counterparts. This ensures that your display remains in top condition for a long time, allowing you to showcase your products without worrying about the display's wear and tear.

Versatility: Solid acrylic blocks come in various sizes. Whether you need a small 1" thick block or a large 4" thick one, you can find the perfect fit for your display needs. And if you need a custom size, we at Custom Creative Plastics can make that happen!

Aesthetic appeal: The smooth, glass-like finish of solid acrylic blocks adds a touch of sophistication to any display. Whether it's a piece of fine jewelry or a precious artifact, placing it on an acrylic block enhances its visual appeal.

The Versatility of Solid Acrylic Blocks in Various Industries

Solid acrylic blocks aren't just for retail displays. Their versatility extends to various industries, making them a popular display solution in many fields.

Retail: Retailers use acrylic blocks to display a range of products, from jewelry to clothing accessories, to catch the consumer's eye and highlight the product's features.

Museums and galleries: In museums and art galleries, acrylic blocks are used as display risers to elevate artifacts and artworks, providing better viewing angles and creating visual interest.

Stamps: As mentioned on Alte New, acrylic blocks also play a crucial role in stamping. Stampers use acrylic blocks of various sizes to stamp images onto cardstock, with the block acting as a firm support for the stamp.

In conclusion, choosing solid acrylic blocks for your display needs is a wise decision. They offer high durability, versatility, and aesthetic appeal that can elevate your display and product presentation to the next level. At Custom Creative Plastics, we are committed to providing you with top-quality solid acrylic blocks to meet your diverse needs.

Top Picks of Solid Acrylic Blocks for Beginners

Acrylic blocks are an excellent choice for beginners due to their simplicity and versatility. They create an upscale, modern impression that can make any product you showcase shine. Here are our top picks for beginners, available in various sizes and styles to suit your retail needs:

Clear Acrylic Display Blocks

Clear acrylic display blocks are a classic choice for beginners. They offer a sleek, modern aesthetic that can enhance the visibility of any product. Their transparency allows them to blend seamlessly into any display setup, making your products the center of attention. We offer a variety of sizes in clear acrylic blocks, such as our 1" Thick Acrylic Block and 2" Thick Acrylic Block, both of which are perfect for showcasing small to medium-sized items.

Clear Acrylic Display Blocks - solid acrylic blocks

Frosted Acrylic Display Blocks

Frosted acrylic display blocks provide a slightly different aesthetic. The frosted finish diffuses light, creating a soft, elegant glow around your product. This type of block is ideal for creating a sophisticated and luxurious feel in your display. We currently do not offer frosted acrylic blocks, but clear and other colored blocks can be customized according to your needs.

Acrylic Cubes

Acrylic cubes are another beginner-friendly option. They offer a unique geometric shape that can add a touch of modern flair to your display. You can use them alone or in a group to create a dynamic and engaging arrangement. Our Acrylic Cubes, available in various sizes, are perfect for creating a layered display or showcasing multiple items together.

Acrylic Cubes - solid acrylic blocks

Acrylic Spheres

For those looking for something a bit different, acrylic spheres can add a distinctive touch to your display. They offer a smooth, rounded shape that can soften the look of your display and create a unique visual interest. Although we do not currently offer acrylic spheres, we provide a broad range of other solid acrylic blocks and shapes that can meet your display needs.

Starting your journey with solid acrylic blocks can feel overwhelming, but with our top picks, you'll be on your way to creating stunning displays in no time. At Custom Creative Plastics, we're dedicated to providing you with the highest quality acrylic display products, helping you highlight your merchandise and attract more customers. Explore our solid acrylic blocks collection today!

How to Choose the Right Solid Acrylic Block

Choosing the right solid acrylic block for your display needs can be a bit daunting, especially if you're just starting out. But don't worry, we've got you covered. Here are a few factors you should consider when buying solid acrylic blocks.

Factors to consider when buying solid acrylic blocks

1. Size: The size of the acrylic block you choose will depend on what you want to display. We offer solid acrylic blocks in a wide range of sizes, from as small as 2" x 2" x 2" up to larger sizes like 4" x 6" x 6". So whether you're showcasing small jewelry pieces or larger collectibles, you'll find a block that fits your needs.

2. Color: While clear acrylic blocks are popular for their ability to blend in with any decor, we also offer black and white acrylic blocks for a bolder, more dramatic display.

3. Shape: Most acrylic blocks are square or rectangular, but if you're looking for something a bit different, we also offer cylindrical and spherical acrylic displays.

4. Quality: Not all acrylic blocks are created equal. At Custom Creative Plastics, we use high-quality acrylic to ensure our blocks are crystal clear, durable, and long-lasting.

Understanding the measurements of solid acrylic blocks (height, width, depth)

When choosing a solid acrylic block, it's crucial to understand its measurements. The measurements of an acrylic block are given in terms of height, width, and depth.

  • Height: This is how tall the acrylic block is when standing upright.
  • Width: This refers to how wide the acrylic block is from left to right.
  • Depth: This is how deep the acrylic block is from front to back.

For example, if an acrylic block is listed as being 1/2" x 8" x 8", this means it's 1/2" high, 8" wide, and 8" deep. Understanding these measurements will help you choose the right block for your display needs.

Choosing the right solid acrylic block doesn't have to be complicated. By considering these factors and understanding the measurements, you'll be able to select the perfect block for your display. At Custom Creative Plastics, we're here to help you every step of the way. Explore our selection of high-quality solid acrylic blocks today!

Custom Creative Plastics: Your Go-To for Quality Solid Acrylic Blocks

When it comes to sourcing solid acrylic blocks, we understand the importance of quality, versatility, and durability. Here at Custom Creative Plastics, we are committed to ensuring that each block you purchase from us meets the highest standards.

Overview of Custom Creative Plastics

In operation since 1986, we've been at the forefront of crafting premium acrylics and display merchandise. We are proud to be the preferred retail display manufacturer in the United States. Our products are used all over the world, in a wide variety of settings, from retail stores to office environments.

Our solid acrylic blocks, also known as Lucite or plexiglass, are precision cut and diamond polished to achieve a smooth, glass-like finish. They are available in different sizes and are ideal for showcasing a wide range of products, from fine jewelry to art pieces.

Moreover, we have a clear commitment to customer satisfaction and swift turnaround times. Most orders at Ccpdisplays.com ship the same day, ensuring your product display looks exceptional in no time.

Unique Selling Proposition of Custom Creative Plastics

What sets us apart? First and foremost, we are a manufacturer, not a middleman. This means we have direct control over the quality of our products, and we pass the savings on to you. We work hard to offer a wide selection of sizes, from small 1" thick blocks to large 4" thick blocks, ensuring you will always find the perfect block for your display needs.

We believe in the limitless potential of acrylic as a display medium - from our standard products to custom-made POP displays, we can meet your every requirement.

How Custom Creative Plastics Ensures Superior Quality and Customer Satisfaction

Quality assurance is embedded in every step of our manufacturing process. Each block is cut from solid acrylic and polished to perfection. We ensure that each block we sell is absolutely clear, perfectly shaped, and does not discolor over time, making them the ideal display method for a wide range of items.

Our commitment to customer satisfaction goes beyond the quality of our products. We offer extensive customer support, ready to assist you with any queries or custom requests you may have. Our team is dedicated to helping you find the perfect solid acrylic blocks for your needs.

In conclusion, when it comes to solid acrylic blocks, Custom Creative Plastics is your best choice. We deliver quality, variety, and excellent customer service, all at competitive prices. Contact us today to see how we can take your product display to the next level.


To summarize, we have explored some of the top picks of solid acrylic blocks for beginners, including the clear acrylic display blocks, frosted acrylic display blocks, acrylic cubes, and acrylic spheres. Each of these options offers unique advantages, and the choice ultimately depends on your specific display needs and preferences.

Now, why should you choose Custom Creative Plastics for your solid acrylic blocks? The answer is simple:

  1. Quality: We use the highest quality materials in the manufacturing of our products. Our solid acrylic blocks are durable, clear, and designed to highlight your products effectively.

  2. Variety: We offer a wide range of products, from clear acrylic blocks to frosted ones, in various sizes and shapes, ensuring you can find the perfect match for your display needs.

  3. Customization: We understand that every business has unique needs, hence we offer customization options for your solid acrylic blocks. This allows you to create a display that perfectly suits your products and brand image.

  4. Customer Service: At Custom Creative Plastics, we pride ourselves on our excellent customer service. We are committed to ensuring your satisfaction and are always ready to assist you with any queries or concerns.

  5. Competitive Pricing: Despite our top-notch quality and service, our prices remain competitive, providing you with the best value for your money.

Custom Creative Plastics - solid acrylic blocks

At Custom Creative Plastics, we are dedicated to providing you with the best solid acrylic blocks that will help you showcase your products in the most effective and elegant manner. We are more than just a supplier; we are a partner in your success.

So, if you are ready to take your product display to the next level with solid acrylic blocks, contact us today. You'll be happy you chose Custom Creative Plastics!

For more information on our products, you can visit our pages on square acrylic blocks and rectangle acrylic blocks.

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