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Top 5 Risers for Retail Displays: A Comparison Guide

Posted by on 12/8/2023

retail display - best risers for retail displays

Are your merchandise displays engaging your customers enough to boost sales? The retail industry is quite competitive, and showcasing your products in a way that grabs a customer's attention is crucial. This is where the role of effective retail fixtures, specifically display risers, enters the frame. In the quest to find the best risers for retail displays, you are likely seeking a balance of visual appeal, functionality, and affordability.

At Custom Creative Plastics, we understand just how paramount these factors are for small business owners. That's why we specialize in manufacturing purpose-designed, high-quality retail displays and acrylic fixtures, including a diversity of stylish and versatile acrylic risers. Our products are designed to effectively highlight your merchandise, increase its visibility, and ultimately, enhance your sales and profitability.

To help you make an informed decision, this article will provide a comprehensive comparison of the top 5 risers for retail displays. Here is a brief initial overview to guide you and offer a swift answer to your search:

Quick Information Snippet: Top 5 Risers for Retail Displays

  1. Acrylic Shelf Riser: Offers product visibility from different angles, prevents products from falling forward.
  2. LED Illuminated Display Riser: Illuminates the product, directs attention, and enhances its appeal.
  3. Clear Acrylic Riser: Offers undeniable elegance coupled with versatility for various products.
  4. Countertop Pedestal Riser: Promotes effective merchandise arrangement, suitable for displaying unique or featured products.
  5. Nesting Riser Set: Offers a coordinated look, allows stacking for diverse height options.

Infographic depicting the top 5 risers for retail displays. Each one is labeled with its name and key features. The Acrylic Shelf Riser is shown with its full length and clear finish. The LED Illuminated Display Riser glows, highlighting the product on display. The Clear Acrylic Riser is depicted as a clear rectangular stand, perfect for a wide range of items. The Countertop Pedestal Riser is shown as an elevated platform. Lastly, the Nesting Riser Set illustrates a group of risers of varying heights and sizes, all stacked together. - best risers for retail displays infographic roadmap-5-steps

Stay tuned for a more detailed explanation and comparison, in addition to insights on how to select the perfect riser based on your unique needs and preferences.

Understanding Risers in Retail

Risers in retail are all about taking your product presentation to the next level, both figuratively and literally.

What are Risers in Retail?

Risers are display tools used in retail settings to elevate and showcase products. They are typically made of acrylic, a lightweight and durable material that offers excellent visibility. As the name suggests, risers 'rise' your merchandise above the regular shelf level, making them more noticeable and attractive to customers. They come in a variety of shapes and sizes, offering full flexibility to create dynamic, engaging displays for almost any type of product—from jewelry and accessories to cosmetics, shoes, and other small merchandise.

At Custom Creative Plastics, we specialize in manufacturing and selling a wide range of acrylic risers that will help you create eye-catching displays for your store.

The Role of Risers in Store Displays

Risers play a crucial role in optimizing the presentation of your products. By elevating the items, they allow customers to view the merchandise from different angles, which can significantly enhance their shopping experience. Risers also help in creating a 'waterfall effect' that draws customers' attention towards the displayed products.

Moreover, they offer a practical solution for effectively organizing your store merchandise. You can use risers to separate different products or create focused displays for new arrivals or promotional items. They also make the shopping process easier and more enjoyable for customers by providing a clean and organized display.

Whether you run a boutique, a retail establishment, or a trade show booth, using risers can help you showcase your merchandise in a way that sets you apart from the competition. After all, presentation can make all the difference in retail, and with the right risers, you can ensure that your products never go unnoticed.

In the next section, we will dive deeper into the different types of risers available and how they can cater to your specific display needs. We'll also provide insights into choosing the best risers for retail displays. So, stay tuned!

Types of Risers for Retail Displays

Retail displays can make or break the shopper's experience. One of the best ways to enhance product visibility and create an attractive showcase is by using risers. Risers elevate your products, putting them directly in the customer's line of sight. Let's take a closer look at the different types of risers that are commonly used in retail displays.

Acrylic Risers

Acrylic risers are a popular choice for many retailers. They offer a clear, transparent design that does not distract from the products showcased, placing the focus directly on the quality of your sales items. For instance, our acrylic risers at Custom Creative Plastics are designed to create an eye-catching display without taking away from the merchandise itself. They're lightweight, durable, and available in a variety of sizes to suit your needs.

MDF Risers

Medium Density Fibreboard (MDF) risers offer a solid base for your products. They are typically coated with a laminate or veneer to provide a sleek, professional appearance. MDF risers are sturdy and can support heavier items, making them ideal for a wide range of products.

Glass Risers

Glass risers provide a high-end look to your store displays. They are ideal for showcasing luxury items like jewelry or perfumes. The transparency of glass risers allows customers to view the product from all angles. However, they require more care in handling due to their fragile nature.

LED Illuminated Display Risers

LED illuminated display risers are a relatively new addition to the retail display scene. These risers come fitted with LED lights that illuminate the product, capturing the attention of store guests with their vibrant colors. They are perfect for creating a high-impact visual effect and are particularly effective in low-light settings or for showcasing high-value items.

Clear Countertop Merchandisers

Clear countertop merchandisers, like the ones we offer at Custom Creative Plastics, are another type of riser that is commonly used in retail settings. These risers are typically placed near cash registers or end stand tables and are ideal for highlighting impulse items. Their clear design puts the spotlight on the product, while their compact size makes them a perfect fit for countertops.

By understanding the different types of risers available, you can make an informed decision on which would be the best risers for retail displays in your store. Whether you're showcasing jewelry, perfumes, or specialty boutique items, the right riser can elevate your product display and attract more customers. In the next section, we'll dive into our top 5 risers for retail displays, so stay tuned!

Top 5 Risers for Retail Displays

As we delve into the best risers for retail displays, note that the top picks are based on versatility, aesthetic appeal, and functionality. These risers are all available from us, Custom Creative Plastics, your reliable supplier of top-quality and customizable retail display solutions.

Acrylic Shelf Riser from Custom Creative Plastics

Our Acrylic Shelf Riser is a top pick due to its durability, clarity, and versatility. This riser is perfect for showcasing a variety of products, from jewelry to specialty boutique items. The transparent design ensures that the focus remains on your products, not the display unit. The Acrylic Shelf Riser is available in different sizes, making it a versatile choice for different display needs. Find it here.

LED Illuminated Display Riser

For those looking to captivate their customers with vibrant colors, our LED Illuminated Display Riser is a game-changer. It's one of the newest additions to our line and is perfect for any retail setting. This large-scale floor standing unit can make your products look like they're walking down a runway, catching every customer's eye. Check it out here.

Clear Acrylic Riser

The Clear Acrylic Riser is another excellent choice for showcasing your products. Its transparent design ensures that the focus is directly on the quality of your sales items. It's an effective merchandising rack that doesn't distract from the products showcased. Find it here.

Countertop Pedestal Riser

The Countertop Pedestal Riser is a simple yet effective display tool. Resembling either a box or a stool, this unit is a straightforward solution to promoting merchandise. Some of these cubes even have a hollow bottom, allowing them to act as small dump bins as well. Check it out here.

Nesting Riser Set

The Nesting Riser Set is ideal for creating an attractive presentation while keeping merchandise in the spotlight. Designed to stand over each other, these risers prevent a distracting mix-matched look. They are perfect for showcasing a variety of products without overpowering the display area. Find it here.

In conclusion, the best risers for retail displays are ones that suit your store's style, enhance product visibility, and attract customers. Our top 5 picks offer a good starting point, but remember, the best choice will always depend on your specific needs and the products you aim to showcase.

How to Choose the Best Risers for Your Retail Display

When it comes to selecting the right risers for your retail display, there are several key factors to consider. The choice of riser can significantly impact how your products are perceived and ultimately, your store's sales. Here are some important aspects to consider when choosing the best risers for retail displays.

Consider the Material

The material of the riser is crucial as it determines the durability and aesthetics of the display. Acrylic risers, for instance, are popular due to their durability and crystal-clear appearance, which can make your products stand out. At Custom Creative Plastics, we offer a wide range of acrylic risers in different shapes, sizes, and styles, giving you full flexibility to create attractive displays.

Consider the Size and Shape

The riser's size and shape should be determined by the merchandise you are displaying. For jewelry, gifts, or small accessory items, compact and elegant risers like our Tall Risers or Double Risers are ideal. For larger items like shoes or bags, consider larger and sturdier options like our Square Riser.

Consider the Color and Design

The color and design of the risers should complement your store's aesthetics and the products you are showcasing. Clear acrylic risers are a popular choice as they blend well with any color scheme and allow your products to be the star of the show. However, we also offer colored acrylic risers for those wanting to add a splash of color to their displays.

Consider the Lighting Options

Some risers come with built-in lighting options, which can illuminate your products and draw more attention to them. LED illuminated display risers can add a dramatic effect to your displays, especially in dimly lit settings.

In conclusion, the best risers for retail displays are ones that suit your store's style, enhance product visibility, and attract customers. The best choice will always depend on your specific needs and the products you aim to showcase. At Custom Creative Plastics, we're here to help you make the perfect choice for your retail display needs.

The Benefits of Using Risers in Retail Displays

As a retailer, you aim to create a shopping experience that attracts customers and encourages sales. Risers play a crucial role in this process, providing a range of benefits that enhance your retail space. Here's a closer look at how the best risers for retail displays can benefit your store:

Enhancing Product Visibility

One of the primary benefits of using risers in your retail displays is the increased visibility they provide for your products. Risers elevate your merchandise, making it more easily visible to customers. This is especially important for small items such as jewelry, cosmetics, or accessories, which can be easily overlooked when placed directly on a shelf.

For example, our acrylic risers are designed to give height to your products, creating an eye-catching display that draws customers in.

acrylic risers - best risers for retail displays

Creating Attractive and Flexible Displays

Beyond just visibility, risers allow for a more attractive and flexible presentation of your products. With risers, you can create a tiered display, adding depth and interest to your merchandise layout. This can be particularly effective in window displays or central display tables, where you want to create a focal point to attract customer attention.

We offer a wide range of risers, such as our Tall Risers and Double Risers, allowing you to customize your display to suit your specific needs and the particular items you're showcasing.

Highlighting Impulse Items

Finally, risers are a great tool for highlighting impulse items. Placing these products at eye level on a riser near the checkout counter can encourage last-minute purchases. Whether it's a small accessory, a gift item, or a discounted product, a riser can make it stand out and catch the customer's eye right before they make their final purchasing decisions.

At Custom Creative Plastics, we understand the importance of effective product presentation and are dedicated to providing you with the highest quality risers for your retail displays. We invite you to explore our extensive range of products to find the perfect risers for your store.


Choosing the best risers for retail displays can significantly enhance your store's visual appeal and optimize product presentation, ultimately driving more sales and profits. By considering factors such as material, size, shape, color, design, and lighting options, you can create a retail environment that effectively showcases your products in a compelling manner.

At Custom Creative Plastics, we take pride in our vast selection of top-quality acrylic risers, each designed with the retail environment in mind. Our products span from basic acrylic shelf risers to innovative LED illuminated display risers, all manufactured in our state-of-the-art facility.

We understand that every retail space is unique, which is why we offer a variety of sizes, shapes, and designs, ensuring a perfect fit for your store. Whether you're looking to feature jewelry, shoes, cosmetics, or any other merchandise, our risers are built to highlight your products effectively and tastefully.

A well-planned display not only catches the eye but also makes shopping a more comfortable and enjoyable experience for your customers. So, invest in high-quality risers and transform your retail space into a compelling showcase of your products.

For more inspiration and ideas on how to create effective retail displays, we invite you to explore our blog or check out our range of risers available online. If you have any questions or need assistance in selecting the right risers for your retail display, don't hesitate to contact us. Our team of experts is always ready to help you make the most of your retail space.

best risers for retail displays - best risers for retail displays

We look forward to helping you create stunning product displays that will attract, engage, and convert your customers.

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