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Elevate Your Information Display with These Wall Mounted Notice Holders

Posted by on 5/21/2024

Wall Mounted Notice Holder - wall mounted notice holders

Wall mounted notice holders are essential in creating an organized and professional display for your information, whether in a retail store, business office, or educational institution. These versatile holders can elevate your signage, making it easy to attract attention and convey important messages effectively.

To quickly address your search for wall mounted notice holders, here are some of the top options available:

  • Swivel Picture Frames
  • Easy Stretch Clip Poster Displays
  • Poster Hanging Rails
  • Acrylic Standoff Frames
  • Wall Mount Snap Frames

Having the right notice holder in place offers immense benefits. They not only declutter your space but also provide a sleek and polished look to your displays. Whether you're showcasing promotional posters, informational signs, or community messages, these holders ensure your content stands out.

Meeting both aesthetic and functional needs, the right wall mounted holder can bolster sales, enhance customer experience, and improve communication. Read on to explore the best options to elevate your information display today.

Benefits of Wall Mounted Notice Holders - wall mounted notice holders infographic pillar-3-steps

Top 5 Wall Mounted Notice Holders

Choosing the right wall mounted notice holder can make a big difference in how effectively you communicate with your audience. Here’s a roundup of the top five options, focusing on selection criteria, product features, and user reviews.

Selection Criteria

When picking wall mounted notice holders, consider these key factors:

  • Material: Durability and look.
  • Ease of Use: How simple it is to change the notice.
  • Visibility: Clarity and readability.
  • Size Options: Fit for your specific needs.
  • Price: Budget-friendly without compromising quality.

Product Features

Each product in our top five has unique features that make it stand out:

  1. Elliptical Wall Mount Steel Frames
    • Material: Sturdy steel.
    • Design: Elliptical shape, available in chrome and black.
    • User Reviews: Praised for its modern look and durability.
  1. Aluminum Snap Frames
    • Material: Lightweight aluminum.
    • Design: Snap-open mechanism for easy poster changes.
    • User Reviews: Users love the convenience and sleek look.
  1. Hanging Bamboo Sign Holders
    • Material: Eco-friendly bamboo.
    • Design: Includes a chalkboard for versatile use.
    • User Reviews: Appreciated for its sustainability and rustic charm.
  1. Acrylic Wall Mounted Sign Holders
    • Material: Clear acrylic.
    • Design: Available in top and side loading options.
    • User Reviews: Highly rated for its modern, clean appearance.

User Reviews

Users have shared their experiences with these holders:

  • Elliptical Wall Mount Steel Frames: "These frames are perfect for our office lobby. The chrome finish adds a professional touch," says Jane D., a verified buyer.
  • Aluminum Snap Frames: "Changing posters is a breeze. No more hassle with screws or clips," notes Tom H., a retail manager.
  • Hanging Bamboo Sign Holders: "We love these in our café. The bamboo adds a natural feel, and the chalkboard is fun for daily specials," shares Lisa M., a café owner.
  • Acrylic Wall Mounted Sign Holders: "These holders are so versatile. They blend into any décor and keep our notices looking sharp," mentions Rachel S., a community center coordinator.

By considering these features and user feedback, you can select the best wall mounted notice holder for your needs. Up next, we delve into the specifics of each product category, starting with the stylish Elliptical Wall Mount Steel Frames.

Elliptical Wall Mount Steel Frames

Elevate your information display with our Elliptical Wall Mount Steel Frames. These frames are perfect for showcasing posters, notices, and mandatory signs in a sleek, modern way. The elliptical design offers a unique aesthetic that stands out, making your information easily noticeable.

Chrome Finish

For a polished and professional look, consider the Chrome Finish Elliptical Wall Mount Steel Frame. This model, with SKU: CVX2228WM-C, features a shiny chrome finish that adds a touch of elegance to any setting.

  • Dimensions: 22"W x 28"H
  • Price: $57.75 each

The chrome finish is ideal for upscale environments like corporate offices, hotels, and high-end retail stores. Its steel construction ensures durability, while the elliptical design provides a contemporary flair.

Black Finish

If you prefer a more understated look, the Black Finish Elliptical Wall Mount Steel Frame is a great choice. This model, with SKU: CVX2228WM, offers the same sturdy steel construction and elliptical design but with a sleek black finish.

  • Dimensions: 22"W x 28"H
  • Price: $57.75 each

The black finish is versatile and fits well in various settings, including schools, healthcare facilities, and community centers. It provides a professional appearance without drawing too much attention away from the displayed information.

Both finishes offer the same reliable performance and aesthetic appeal, making them excellent choices for anyone looking to enhance their information display with wall mounted notice holders. Up next, let's explore the convenience of Aluminum Snap Frames.

Aluminum Snap Frames

Aluminum Snap Frames are known for their user-friendly design and durable construction. These frames make it incredibly easy to change posters without any hassle, making them ideal for frequently updated displays.

Silver Snap Frame

The Silver Snap Frame (SKU: SFS118.5S) is a popular choice for its sleek and modern look. Made from sturdy aluminum, this frame ensures that your posters stay secure and look professional.

  • Dimensions: 11"W x 8.5"H
  • Price: $23.78 each

Silver Snap Frame - wall mounted notice holders

This frame is perfect for smaller displays, such as menus, notices, or promotional materials in retail stores, offices, and educational institutions. The silver finish adds a touch of elegance, making it suitable for any setting.

Black Snap Frame

The Black Snap Frame (SKU: SFS118.5BK) offers the same durability and ease of use as the silver variant but with a stylish black finish.

  • Dimensions: 11"W x 8.5"H
  • Price: $21.85 each

Black Snap Frame - wall mounted notice holders

This frame's black finish provides a modern and sophisticated look, making it ideal for professional environments like corporate offices, galleries, and high-end retail spaces. The black color also helps to make the displayed content stand out more prominently.

Both the silver and black snap frames feature a simple mechanism that allows you to easily open the frame, insert your poster, and snap it shut. This design ensures that your posters remain flat and protected, while also making it quick and easy to update your display.

Next, let's take a look at the eco-friendly Hanging Bamboo Sign Holders.

Hanging Bamboo Sign Holders

Large Size

If you’re looking for an eco-friendly option, the Hanging Bamboo Sign Holder is a fantastic choice. Made from sustainable bamboo, this holder not only looks great but also helps reduce your environmental footprint. Bamboo is known for its rapid growth and renewability, making it a green alternative to traditional materials.

The large size holder, SKU: SFB22-WM, measures 22 inches in width and 28 inches in height. This size is perfect for displaying larger notices, menus, or promotional posters. It comes with an included chalkboard, which is ideal for easily updating messages or announcements. Priced at $54.60, it offers both style and functionality without breaking the bank.

Small Size

For smaller spaces or more compact messages, the smaller Hanging Bamboo Sign Holder is a great fit. This version, SKU: SFB118.5-WM, measures 11 inches in width and 8.5 inches in height. Despite its smaller size, it still includes a chalkboard for versatile messaging. Priced at just $10.50, it’s an affordable option for adding a touch of eco-friendly charm to any setting.

Both sizes of these bamboo holders are perfect for cafes, boutiques, or any business looking to make a stylish yet sustainable statement. Plus, the included chalkboard makes it easy to change your message as often as needed.

Next, let's explore the modern and sleek Acrylic Wall Mounted Sign Holders.

Acrylic Wall Mounted Sign Holders

When it comes to modern and sleek wall mounted notice holders, acrylic options are hard to beat. These holders are made from high-quality clear acrylic, also known as plexiglass or Perspex. This material offers a crystal-clear display, ensuring your notices, posters, or photos are easily visible from any angle.

Top Loading

Top loading acrylic sign holders make inserting and changing your media a breeze. Simply slide your poster or notice through the top opening without needing to remove the frame from the wall. This feature is perfect for environments where messages need to be updated frequently, such as restaurants, retail stores, and offices.

Key Features:

  • Easy Insert: Quickly change your media without hassle.
  • Non-Glare Coating: Available in specific sizes to reduce shine and enhance readability.
  • Clear Display: The high-quality acrylic ensures your content is always visible and sharp.

Side Loading

Side loading acrylic sign holders are equally user-friendly. Just slide your media in from the side. This design is particularly useful for larger frames, making it easier to manage bigger posters or notices.

Key Features:

  • Anti-Glare Coating: Sizes 16x20 and larger include an anti-glare coating to minimize reflections and improve visual impact.
  • Floating Design: Some side loading frames feature metal standoffs, creating a floating effect that adds a touch of elegance to your display.
  • Clear Display: Like their top loading counterparts, side loading frames offer a crystal-clear view of your content.

Whether you choose top loading or side loading, these acrylic wall mounted sign holders provide a modern, stylish, and practical solution for displaying your important information.

Next, let's address some Frequently Asked Questions about Wall Mounted Notice Holders.

Frequently Asked Questions about Wall Mounted Notice Holders

How do I install a wall mounted notice holder?

Installing a wall mounted notice holder is straightforward. Here's a quick guide:

  1. Gather Tools: You'll need a drill, screws, wall anchors, a level, and a screwdriver.
  2. Mark the Spot: Use a pencil to mark where you want to place the holder. Ensure it's level.
  3. Drill Holes: Drill holes at the marked spots. If you're drilling into drywall, use wall anchors for added stability.
  4. Attach the Holder: Align the holder with the drilled holes and screw it into place.

For more detailed instructions, refer to the installation guide provided by Custom Creative Plastics.

Can I use these holders outdoors?

Most wall mounted notice holders are designed for indoor use. However, some materials like acrylic and aluminum offer weather resistance and can be used outdoors. Look for products specifically labeled for outdoor use to ensure durability.

What sizes are available?

Wall mounted notice holders come in various standard sizes, such as 8.5" x 11", 11" x 17", and 22" x 28". Custom sizes are also available to fit your specific needs. Contact Custom Creative Plastics for more information on custom options.


Choosing the right wall mounted notice holders can significantly enhance your information display, ensuring your messages are clear and easily accessible. From sleek acrylic holders to eco-friendly bamboo options, there's a perfect solution for every setting, whether it’s a retail store, office, or school.

At Custom Creative Plastics, we pride ourselves on offering a wide array of high-quality display products, tailored to meet your specific needs. Our commitment to craftsmanship and customer satisfaction makes us the preferred choice for point-of-purchase (POP) displays and custom acrylic products.

Need a custom size or design? We’ve got you covered! Our team is ready to help you create bespoke solutions that perfectly fit your space and style.

For more information on our products and custom options, visit our acrylic risers blog or contact our customer service team today.

Elevate your information display with Custom Creative Plastics—your go-to source for high-quality, durable, and stylish wall mounted notice holders.

Wall mounted notice holders - wall mounted notice holders

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